Nominee, Trustee and Management services :

  • Full discretion of beneficial owners
  • Nominee Directors, Secretaries, Shareholders and Registered Office services offered
  • Management of rented properties, properties for sale, companies, etc

Virtual Office services :

  • Standard Package (Collect and forward mail, phone, fax and email services, conference room).
  • Full Package (All of the above, safe-keeping services, payroll and HR).

Safe-keeping services :

  • Easy and secure way of storing any documents, files and other business related items in Cyprus


Accounting and Auditing services :

  • Opening of file at the Tax Office, VAT Office and VIES
  • Preparation and filing of VAT Declaration
  • Preparation and filing of VIES Declaration
  • Yearly Accounts

Property investment consultation :

  • Finding the right property
  • Checks and due diligence prior to purchase
  • Project management and developments
  • Investment opportunities
  • Solutions to problematic properties and deeds issues
  • Mortgage restructuring and solutions

Tax consultation :

  • Custom-made business strategies in order to maximize profits
  • Assistance with the requirements to comply with Tax regimes
  • In-depth knowledge of the Tax regimes

Introductions to Banks :

  • Introductions by reputable companies and individuals
  • Opening bank accounts
    • Better options and more services offered
    • More favourable rates and deals
    • Quicker service and responses

Escrow Agents :

  • Safe and quick method of proceeding with payments and transfers of funds securely

Company formation in Cyprus:

  • The Cypriot Tax and Corporate Regimes are geared up to suit foreign investors because they are designed to be simple and efficient. Some of the keys benefits offered are the following:
    • No Inheritance Tax
    • The lowest Corporation Tax in the European Union (12.5%)
    • Inbound dividends are generally tax free
    • No Capital Gains Tax on disposal of shares or non – Cyprus situated property
    • Full discretion regarding beneficial owners of companies held on trust
    • Various Investment incentives are offered by the Cypriot Government
    • Cypriot or European Union investors are not required

Off-shore Company formation and Off-Shore Trusts:

  • Seychelles
  • BVI
  • Panama
  • Cayman Islands
  • Jersey

Cyprus Residency :

  • Can visit Cyprus as many times and for as long as they wish throughout the year without needing a Visa
  • High standard of living and well-established legal, business and public networks.
  • Permanent Residence permit holders enjoy, in a lot of cases, favourable treatment in the EU
  • 7 year after permanently living in Cyprus gives a foreigner the right to apply for naturalization and obtain a Cypriot passport and so be an EU citizen